Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lemon 2: The Frosting Was Pink, My Face Is Red

It’s been quite a delay since my last post. In those 8 weeks, the snow has melted away, the DC cherry blossom trees are in their peak bloom, and we had a very relaxing Spring Break in Siesta Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Good thing, too. Between the blizzards of February and kids’ illnesses and tax preparation of March, my husband and I were more than ready for a break.

Now, I must confess to something. As embarrassed as I am, I will fess up and tell you: I misplaced the recipe for my lemon cake. Blame it on Attention-Deficit Disorder, fatigue, or what have you. I could kick myself, because it was a really really good cake, too. Light, delicious, and free of that vaguely artificial background taste most folks can detect in store-bought mixes. I thought about winging it here and throwing in any old recipe. But if I owe you anything, reader (at this point, Bill!), it is the truth. So there you have it.

The one thing I do remember is that I took a recipe from the internet that was fairly straightforward. That is, the basics involved eggs, butter, and sugar, but nothing like shortening or sour cream. This recipe looks to be the most similar. I added a few drops of the aforementioned lemon oil, and I baked the cake in a Bundt pan at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer Bundt pans because all my cakes bake more evenly all the way through, without the thick corner crusts of a regular cake pan. When the cake was finished, I drip-frosted it with the pink icing my son whipped so meticulously.

If I find the exact written recipe, I promise I will post it. I think I got it off, but as I say I cannot be sure. Now that Spring has arrived, lemon is the perfect flavor for meals, whether as an accent to vegetables, fish or chicken, or as a dessert flavor. And please, feel free to contribute your favorite lemon dessert recipes here. I’m going to go whip myself now...100 lashes with a wire wisk.