Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheff Geoff's Part 2

I did promise to tell you about my lunch at Cheff Geoff's in Fairfax, didn't I? In a nutshell, it was tasty and fun, and this time Ellen and I met up for our monthly lunch get-together. The place was once again very busy, which surprised me, given that it was a Friday afternoon. A bustling office and corporate crowd dominated the place and kept the waitstaff hopping. Despite this, the young gal who attended us was friendly and attentive, bringing us our salads as soon as she was able. Mine was a salmon salad with all the requisite ingredients: Tender fillet, crunchy romaine, light and tasty dressing. At the end I caved and ordered the miniature fried donuts with assorted dips: Chocolate and raspberry. To top this off I savored a pot of hot tea, an elegant touch on this windy Spring day.

I will note that the place was loud. The thrum of the crowds and clinking of glass evoked a power lunch in Manhattan. This is good for a lively lunch, but not a mellow, leisurely one. For that, Ellen and I decided to meet at San Vito's the following month. This is a low-key Italian eatery closer to our homes. Everything moves a bit slower at lunch there, though still with a touch of sophistication. Sometimes I need a dose of Big Apple-type energy like I did today. Next time around, it will be the comforting simplicity of a smaller, slower restaurant that moves more like, say, Eastern Long Island.